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Water cooling system

1. Features

- Reduction of Loss by the use of High-End Electrical Steel Sheet, and Expansion of Torque Maintaining Area at High Speed (High Frequency Range)
- Improvement of Winding Insulation, Heat Transfer and Durability by the Stator Vacuum Impregnation
- Realization of Lightweight through the Design with Magnetic Field Analysis
- Use of High Reliability SPEED SENSOR
- Use of Electric Wire which is exclusive for Vehicle
- Noise and Wear Reduction by improving of Precision Degree of Coupling Connection.
- Maximization of Cooling Effect through the Use of Aluminum Frame to get High Power Density, and by the Cooling System Design
- Realization of Miniaturization and Lightweight through High Power Density(kW/kg)
▷ Maximization of Cooling Effect of the Heat generated by the High Current Density of Winding through the Use of Aluminum Frame and Water-Cooled Cooling System.
▷ Application of High-End Electrical Steel Sheet with Low Core-Loss and High Permissible Magnetic Flux.
- Securing of Structural Strength Stability in High Speed Area
- Spline Shaft Driving Method
- Reinforcement of Insulation Performance prepared for Inverter Surge Voltage