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On October 8 2009, President Myung Bak Lee, Republic of Korea, hosted a presidential panel of the National conomic Committee to review the policy for the promotion of lectrical vehicle (EV) as a strategic industry for Korean future economy.

Dr. JAE-HAK KIM, CEO of HIGEN RNM (seated next to President M.B. Lee) and Hyun-Soon Lee, Vice Chairman of HYUNDAI Motor Company were invited to brief on current industrial issues for the high ranking government economic policy makers.

(President M.B. LEE taking a test ride on EV powered by HIGEN EV motor)
At the close of the policy session held at HYUNDAI Motor R&D center, Hwa Sung city,
M.B. Lee took a test ride on a HYUNDAI’s prototype EV model which was powered
by a water cooled AC motor designed and engineered by HIGEN RNM R&D center

(HIGEN 30kW EV motor)
Besides the HYUNDAI models, HIGEN RNM is currently exporting other types of EV motors to EU countries.
HIGEN plans to launch additional heavy duty EV motor units of various applications such as bus, truck for major international vehicle manufacturers in the domestic and export markets.