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High Efficiency Motors

1. Characteristics
1)High economical efficiency
- Excellent effects by maximizing efficiency
- Retrieving the investment in a short time

2)Extending the coil life thanks to the low temperature rise and using the highly insulating materials
-Extending the motor life and high credibility by adapting the class ‘H’ insulation and service factor of 1.15
-Showing a great talent through a complete quality control

3)Minimizing noise
- Lowering noise level by 3-8dB compared with the standard electromotor by optimizing
the air conduit and minimizing the harmonics.

The electromotor is designed to minimize the major loss items including iron loss,
stray load loss and mechanic loss by changing its materials and structures.
This highly efficient electromotor reduces operational costs, allowing to
retrieve the investment in a short time. In addition, this economic efficiency
is increased over time.