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Meaning of HIGEN

HIGEN is new brand of HIGEN RNM

Plus(+) of HIGEN+ is symbolic of high efficiency

  • High economic efficiency
    Outstanding power savings from optimization of efficiency
    Short-term investment cost recovery effect
  • Long service span
    Extend the service life with the use of high energy saving materials and low temperature increase
    High reliability
    Outstanding features with the thorough quality control
  • Low noise
    Optimal airflow and minimal high frequency
    Realization of low noise of 3~8dB compared to the standard motor

S of HIGENS is symbolic of Servo system

  • Hunam Engineering
    Realizing the speed of response frequency of 60Hz and 17/21 bit-level of built-in serial encorder receiver function
  • Innovative Technology
    Builit-in analog command off set auto control function
    2-gear notch filter resonance controller and built-in online resonance frequency analyzer
  • Global Player
    Splendid outlook and compact size: Slimed down 32% from the existing shape
  • Environmental Friendly
    Auto tuning fllowing the machine stiffness and auto tuning in real time(auto switch)
  • New Frontier
    Digital interface support for RS-232, RS-485 and
    adapter type of communication module
  • Smart Servo FDA7000 Series