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Open Drip Proof Type


.Type and Starting Torques :
Type BDA - Squirrel-cage,Starting torque 50% or above of full-load torque.
Type BDK - Squirrel-cage,Starting torque 100% or above of full-load torque.
Type BDF - Squirrel-cage,starting torque 150% or above of full-load torque.

.Time Rating : Continuous
.Rated Voltage : 3000V, 50HZ /3300V, 60HZ 6000V, 50HZ/6600V, 60HZ

.Insulation :Class F
.Ambient Temperature : +40C maximum
.Allowable Temperature Rise : 100C(by resistance method)
.Bearings : Regreasable ball or roller bearings and Sleeve bearings
.No. of Motor Leads : 3
.Connection to Load : Direct drive V-belt drive (for Cast Iron Frame Motor only)
For frames 400 or above, V-belt drive available on order.
.Direction of Rotation: Counterclockwise viewed from drive end.
.Finish in munsell Notation : 5PB 8/2.5(Blue)
.Standards : Dimensions - KS C 4203, IEC Pub.72(1976)
Characteristics - KS C 4201,IEC Pub.34.1 (1983),NEMA MG1 Part10,12,20